About Cowboy Home Inspections

My background of 28 years as a construction superintendent before I started Cowboy Home Inspections.

A superintendent is the supervisor of the building project.  I worked closely with architects engineers and city inspectors form the foundation to the final walk through with the home buyer.  My personal goal was customer service and quality of construction.  I carried that work ethic to every Cowboy Home Inspection.

Customer service is and will always be the key to my success.  I only will do two inspection a day instead of the normal three done by other companies.  This gives me the time to go over the report with the buyer and actually go out to the backyard or the bathroom and look at the problem I have noted in the report. I'm never in a hurry to leave.

I service the entire Phoenix Metro area including Queen Creek, Maricopa, Anthem and Buckeye.  There is never an extra charge for out lying towns


I choose the most user friendly report on the market today.  It is a two part report, the Full Report which gives the buyer a complete description of the home and the type and location of all the major system. (Air conditioning, plumbing, electrical) We also report on the exterior grade and the framing and foundation.

 The second part of the report is the Summary Report. In this section you receive the exceptions to the home. These items will are classified as "needs service".  In this section is where the details and color photos show and explain the exceptions to the home are discussed.

The report can be printed at the home and is available at the time of the inspection.  It is also uploaded to the Cowboy Home Inspections website and can be download anytime in the next 30 days.  This makes it easy for out of town clients and selling realtors to receive the report.

I continue to update my education and the methods I use to complete your inspection.  I will not only do my best I will do better to give you a great report you can understand and use to make the decision about the home you are about to purchase.

Remember only the COWBOY gives you YIPPIE-I-O-KI-YEY with every inspection.

Our Mission

To protect and serve our customers by delivering a prompt, thorough and professional inspection of the building for a reasonable price.



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